An Amazing Little Shorai Battery

Sometimes we get surprised by feedback we receive from our customers. This one was gobsmacking!

We always knew Shorai batteries were durable and are becoming, “the battery to have.” Sales are increasing every week as the reputation of the brand spreads.

But this has to be the ultimate endorsement, for sure! The photos are of a 36L3 Shorai battery after four seasons in a V8 race car, driven by none other than Dene Perkins. How on Earth has this battery kept going after suffering this level of abuse? What is more, it is still working!

The car that it was powering has a high compression NASCAR engine, pumping out something over 600hp. Due to the high compression, it is even harder to turn these engines over, which means more work for the battery. And this little trooper was still doing it effortlessly, even in this condition.

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