Caring For Your Shorai Battery

Just a reminder or two for our customers to keep you fully satisfied with your Shorai battery.

My last update with the damaged 36L3 battery did highlight the durability of Shorai batteries under severe use conditions, however it also highlighted that some customers are very rough on them.

The main problems we see leading to a shortening of life is in the use and care. Shorai batteries rarely fail in use and are lasting well beyond our initial expectations.

Each battery comes with Warranty Terms enclosed which include use and care instructions. It is essential that customers read this page and comply with the instructions, which are basic and simple to follow. Two key points are to monitor your usage to ensure a resting voltage no lower than 12.8v, and to charge the batteries after each use. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries discharge quicker than lead-acid and because they maintain their power output, people don’t realise they are going flat until they stop working. Secondly, put a smear of grease over the terminals and charging port cover to prevent condensation and water ingress – in the case of Jetski racing where the battery is likely to be submerged, you must water proof it. Shorai NZ Ltd. can instruct how to do this simply and quickly.

Shorai NZ Ltd. is the only national agency in the world that we know of which warrants the batteries for uses outside their design intent. This includes vehicles other than they were designed for and in racing. As such, Shorai NZ Ltd. has written its own Terms of Warranty, unique to New Zealand.

The success of the brand in NZ is testament to the approach Shorai NZ Ltd. has taken and customers in so many fields are praising the performance of Shorai batteries in many different applications.

Some applications where they are being used, include;

1. All forms of motorcycle, sidecar, ATV and Jetski racing. These are the vehicles the batteries were designed for, but even the manufacturer won’t warranty them in racing applications. Again, only Shorai NZ Ltd. offer their 6 month limited warranty for racing.

2. Motor vehicle racing covering all types from Formula Ford, Honda Cup, Muscle cars, Speedway, rallying, off-road 4×4 and more.

3. Jet-sprinting, power boats, recreational boating, sailing.

4. Paragliding, Ultra-lights, small aircraft not requiring commercial registration. Starter-packs for helicopters.

5. Diesel engines wired in series for 24V as jump-packs, 4×4’s, buses and trucks.

So please, if you are in doubt or have any questions on the use and care of Shorai brand batteries, don’t hesitate to contact us via our email, or by phone/text on 021-173 0379.