Why Shorai

What are Shorai Powersports Batteries?

Batteries using the increasingly popular Lithium Iron Phosphate technology.


A major point of difference with Shorai Powersports Batteries is that they use Japanese technology to Shorai’s unique design and are manufactured in Shorai’s own dedicated factory in Kowloon, Hong Kong. All design and development is done in-house in their facilities in San Francisco, California, USA.


What that means for the consumer is that Shorai have specifically developed their cells to be as close as possible to a drop-in replacement battery requiring no modifications to the vehicle or the need for a Lithium specific charger. Any charger other than a desulphering, or pulse charger is fine to use, though we do recommend an auto shut off charger. This is because LiFePO4 cells charge much faster than lead acid and may lead to remaining on charge too long. Leave it long enough and you will melt the battery. The Shorai charger is proving very popular due to its price and that it is a diagnostic/recovery charger.


Advantages of LiFePO4 batteries are weight, size, power, long standby times and inherent safety. They are shipped as non-dangerous goods, unlike lead acid and are safer in the event of an accident with no acid or gas fumes to burn and ignite, therefore they are becoming “the battery to have” in all forms of racing. Being solid state they can be mounted in any position including upside down, think of them as a larger torch battery.


LiFePO4 cells have about 5 times the life cycle of Lead acid, which are typically around the 500 cycles, whereas LiFePO4 cells range up around the 2,500+ cycles, so given equal applications will last a lot longer and are better value. If you are not using the vehicle or appliance for several weeks or even months, the batteries will retain their charge, unlike lead acid which will deteriorate and die in about 3 – 4 months. After 12 mths in storage, they will still have 80% charge.


We have yet to find an engine they won’t start, including high performance V8’s and large diesel engines and can be wired in series for 24v applications.