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There is vast range of motorcycles around the world, from the smallest scooters to the super powerful Hyperbikes capable of over 300km/h and every one of them requires a starting battery.

Shorai Inc. USA decided there was a great market for an easy to use, simple drop-in replacement battery for all sizes and types. Their technicians took Japanese LiFePO4, (Lithium Iron Phosphate), technology and componentry and set about designing the best lightweight battery cell for all applications.

The design parameters were exacting. The battery had to be smaller, much smaller, much lighter, more powerful, and significantly, more reliable and longer lasting than traditional lead acid cells! They had to be simple to maintain and care for, even easier than lead acid and, crucially, they had to be able to be charged by all motorcycles’ charging systems and virtually any auxiliary charger!

  • Best LiFePO4 battery in the world
  • 8th year on the market
  • Yoshimura Suzuki Racing exclusively use Shorai
  • Best lightweight battery

Shown in 'L' configuration with positive on the right. Also available in 'A' configuration with positive on the left.

Uses: Larger capacity motorcycles or scooters, and other engines up to 1200cc.Ideal for Jetski's, Sportsbikes up to 1400cc four cylinder, standard and touring up to 1200cc fours, and V-twins up to 1000cc.

Advantages: High Power, small size, light weight, safety

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Shorai LFX21L6-BS12MC Battery

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