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Warranty Terms – Shorai Batteries
PLEASE READ! and keep these terms for any issues arising from the use of Shorai batteries.
Shorai batteries are designed to be a literal drop-in replacement battery with no special requirements or modifications to your vehicle’s charging system. They are compatible with your standard on-board charging system as well as most auxiliary battery chargers. The batteries will take charging voltages from 13.1V to 15.2V maximum. They require a minimum of 13.1V in order to charge. The only type of charger you must not use is what is known as a “Desulphation charger” or “Pulse charger.” These chargers are designed to burn the sulpher off lead plates and may kill a LiFePO4 battery. Please check what type of charger you have before using it. If using an auxiliary charger it is better to use an automatic type as leaving on charge for extended periods may result in a melted battery. Melted batteries are not covered by warranty. Please ensure the battery is not subject to water ingress. When fitting a battery, apply electrical grease around the terminals and over the charging port cover. If the battery is likely to be dunked, you must fully waterproof it. Hot Gluing is therefore recommended around the seam between the top and main body, and around the base of the terminals.
Fire and Light NZ Ltd. fully warranty Shorai batteries for any fault in manufacture that leads to premature failure for a period of two years with some exceptions noted below. Please note, the warranty does not cover miss-use or failure on the customer’s part to care for the battery as advised by the use and care instructions supplied in the battery box. We strongly recommend using the sticky-backed foam packing when installing a battery, Just line the battery box to suit.
Important! Underspeccing - using a smaller battery than recommended - may void your warranty!
Please ensure you use the properly rated battery for your application. If you wish to use a smaller battery due to space or weight constraints or other reasons, you do so on the understanding that you will not be covered by the warranty. Helpdesk is Available at any time.
Overdischarging. The minimum battery voltage for long life is 12.8v. If the vehicle has a draw with the key off, such as an alarm or immobiliser you must either disconnect the battery or use a battery tender. Repeated Overdischarging will kill this technology. If you suspect your battery has been over-discharged, contact your local dealer for advice, who may refer to Fire and Light NZ Ltd. 
For applications other than motorcycles, quads and jetski’s, the warranty is dependent upon the battery being specified for the application by Fire and Light NZ Ltd. or its approved representative - generally your local dealer - who may defer to Fire and Light NZ Ltd. for a recommendation. Helpdesk is available on extended hours and weekends. Our contact details are below.
Racing: Fire and Light NZ Ltd. will cover the battery for a period of 6mths only in racing applications for motorcycles, quads and jetski’s and on a case by case basis for other applications for the same period. Again dependent upon the battery being specified by Fire and Light NZ Ltd. or its approved representative. In All Racing Applications, the foam packing must be used, failure to do so may void your warranty. 
Total Loss Electrical Systems: As long as the battery has been specified by Fire and Light NZ Ltd. for your application it will be covered for 6mths. However, no warranty can be offered for use in electrical equipment such as Kontiki’s, spotlights or other similar applications, like GPS’s or radios. Dead flattening may result in a dead battery. Minimum voltage recommended is 12.8V. Keep an eye on it with a multi-meter and recharge once reaching 12.8V. A calculation is available by request that will work out how long each size battery will give you dependent upon the amperage draw.
Regards, Fire and Light NZ Ltd. Email:  Ph. 021-173 0379